Why is Real Friendship So Hard to Find?

The response to this inquiry truly spins around what you consider to be ‘genuine friendship.’ It is unavoidable that you will meet individuals in your existence with whom you have a profound association, yet then eventually lose contact. Does that imply that they weren’t a genuine companion, or did conditions divide you?

Be that as it may, is genuine friendship in light of contact? Or then again is it in view of constancy; realizing that regardless of to what extent it’s been, you could call that individual and they would enable you to out of a sketchy situation.

Others may consider genuine friendship a relationship where they can have a fabulous time, be casual and never constrain discussion.

Whatever your meaning of genuine friendship, plainly it can frequently be elusive, and much harder to clutch.


This is a major executioner when attempting to discover genuine friendship. Friendships may appear to be genuine at the time, just for one or the two gatherings to lose intrigue once the friendship is not any more advantageous. And also this, you may meet somebody abroad, or at a gathering of a common companion and set up a bond; yet in the event that you live far separated then this won’t really persevere through, regardless of whether the association was genuine at the time, in light of the fact that the correct conditions are not their to enable it to prosper.

In a really worldwide world, individuals remaining in one place sufficiently long to shape a genuine bond is harder than you may might suspect. Things and individuals change quickly and all of a sudden.

Becoming Apart

This is a gigantic issue when pondering what individuals would term ‘genuine friendship.’ You may in any case frequently observe the individual who was your closest companion at age five, however is it a genuine association still, or would you say you are simply carrying on the grounds that that is the way you’ve generally been? I’m not saying that it is outlandish for friendships to persevere, however it is additionally feasible for them to end up a propensity.

The Love Factor

This is especially, however not only an issue for cross sexual orientation friendships. Movies, for example, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ embody this issue pleasantly. You may surmise that you have struck up a profound and significant, genuine friendship with somebody, just to discover later on down the line that they had precisely one purpose behind enthusiasm for you. It is additionally conceivable to find that what was a genuine friendship in the first place blooms just on one side, eventually decimating the bond.